Visit a Rehearsal

Rehearsals normally take place on Wednesdays at Broadmead Baptist Church, Entrance on
Union Street, BS1 3HY, from 19.15 to 21.30.

We have currently put in place a number of actions to minimise and mitigate the risks of transmitting COVID-19 when attending rehearsals, every singer is required to act in accordance with the protocol for attending in-person rehearsals. This protocol is made available to all attendees.

Currently due to Covid restrictions we are only having a short break for notices and finishing rehearsals at 21.00.

Members not wishing to attend in person can do so on Zoom.

The rehearsals are also recorded so that members neither attending in person nor on Zoom, have
access to the content.

If you are interested in coming to any of our rehearsals or would like more information please contact

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